CCC Support and Emergency Funding Resources

新葡萄赌场Life happens. Sometimes an expense comes up that prevents you from staying in school or continuing momentum to reach your educational goal. CCC is here to help!

These resources are available to CCC students and are supported through the CCC Foundation or other department or community funds. We hope that these additional funding options will help you as you continue to pursue your education at CCC. Please contact us at with any questions.

Emergency funding resources

COVID-19 Student Relief Fund
Child Care Grant
Textbook Grant
Transportation Grant
Veterans Pay It Forward
Student Emergency Grant
Counseling Emergency Grant and SOS/LCOP Grant
Nursing Grant
Urban Agriculture Farmers Market Fee Waiver (also known as Fees Grant)
Financial Aid Grants, Loans and Work-Study
SNAP Training and Employment Program (STEP)
Black Relief and Resiliency